Greater Dallas


Mass grading operations involve the systematic and strategic manipulation of large quantities of earth and terrain to create a level, stable, and appropriately contoured surface for construction or development projects. This process typically includes the following key elements:

Earth Movement: Mass grading begins with the excavation and relocation of vast amounts of soil, rock, or other materials from one area to another on a construction site. This is often done to establish the desired site grade and elevation.

Cut and Fill: During mass grading, there is a “cut” phase where soil is removed from higher elevations and a “fill” phase where soil is added to lower elevations. This ensures that the site achieves the desired contours and grades necessary for proper drainage and structural support.

Compaction: The excavated and relocated materials are compacted to achieve the required density and stability. Proper compaction is crucial for ensuring the long-term integrity of the graded surface.

These operations require a combination of engineering expertise, heavy machinery, and attention to environmental and safety considerations… all of which we provide to each of our clients.